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About us

Adnan Jummah Masjid is situated in a densely Muslim populated area named Brandiyawatte in Wellampitiya which is a suburb of Colombo in Sri Lanka. There are approximately 85 houses in our housing scheme and total of over 300 households in our area.

A generous donor donated a 6 perch land in order to build Jumma Masjid in our housing scheme since the closest Masjid in our area is approximately 1.5km away for some residents in this area and most of us find it difficult to walk far during Ramadan & during The Summer.

The project was initiated by Haji MMM Wazeer and Haji Laffir in April 2016. A meeting presided by Moulavi Al Haj Hassan Fareed (Bin Noori) was held on the 12th of May 2016 in order to assign duties to commence this project. It was attended by a few members of the area jama’ath

A temporary structure was put up and commenced offering daily obligatory salah from Friday the 23rd of September 2016.

A Qur’an Madrasa was also being conducted at the same premises where children from the age of 4yrs to 15 yrs are being taught the recital of the Noble Al Qur’an.

A land adjacent to the Masjid at an extent of 2 perches was subsequently donated by another generous donor making the total land area to 8 perches. This has enabled us to accommodate more people due to the larger pray area.

The Masjid was approved as a Jummah Masjid by the Department of Muslim Cultural Affairs bearing registration reference No: R/2426/C/232 in April 2017 Alhamdulillah.

After many failed efforts to find a donor to construct the masjid, an organization had come forward to provide financial assistance to build part of the ground floor.

Subsequently a donor from another generous family came forward to assist us complete the ground floor with a view of providing further assistance to complete the first floor as well

Qur'an Madrasa

Adnan Jummah Masjid's Qur'an madrasa that was initiated in October 2016 continues to provide Qur'an classes in the new building. Alhamdulillah! by the grace of Allah, we now provide Qur'an Madrasa classes free of charge to the children of Adnan mahalla. Currently there approximately 50 children attending Qur'an classes. We also conduct Hifl classes to children above 12years of age, In Sha Allah we intend to conduct a separate session for Hifl students upon completion of the first floor of the Masjid.

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Adnan Jummah Masjid
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Brandiyawatte Road,
Sri Lanka
: +94 11 2 537495, +94 75 4249 442 : adnanmasjid@gmail.com : http://www.adnanmasjid.com

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